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Not Waiting for Superman

November 16, 2010

My brother and clergy colleague Kenneth Thrasher, pastor of The Church Exalted in Hazlehurst, MS, asked me the following question: “[…] now that you’re at the “helm” of Mt. Helm, what’s your chartered course(s) in these areas?” He was referring to my statement that I hoped education, racial politics, and the role of young leadership would change in MS. I took time to respond to his question by addressing Mt Helm’s focus on education and economic empowerment. My response follows:


We’re still discerning how God will lead us specifically, but I’ve prioritized education and economic empowerment as our missional goals for the next 5 years. We will be an ambassador for educational excellence, advocating for creative reform and a more holistic approach to 0-21 yr old cultivation. As a church, I believe we are charged to empower young ppl with the spiritual and moral foundations they need to understand their value, overcome meaninglessness, and envision destiny. We will also seek to diplomatically connect various stakeholders (parents, teachers, education advocates, etc.) from public, private, charter school grade and collegiate communities. We will also help educate and empower ppl to be gainfully employed through trainings, mentoring, dress for success, and most importantly, through helping our communities understand and then enact the power of entrepreneurship. All of this, of course, will be a collaborative effort between our church and other faith communities and public-private friendships.

This is not a thorough answer but begins to articulate my vision for our church’s initiative for educational excellence and economic empowerment in our communities.

Your ideas, comments, and criticisms are welcome. Your contributions to this conversation will assist us in our mission to “demonstrate and provide Christian transformative leadership in our city, our state, and our world in the power of the Spirit.”

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